Bộ hiển thị Gefran 2400-1-W-4R-0-0, Đại lý Gefran Việt Nam | Thiết bị Gefran

Chọn mã tại đây

Fast microprocessor display / alarm unit, 96 x 48 (1/8 DIN) format.

Built with SMT technology for an extremely complete operator interface with IP54 protection level (IP65 with protectiv cover).

The front panel has a 6-key soft-touch keyboard and 5-digit LED display of process variable and parameters.

The instrument is appropriate for acquisition of signals with high variation speed.

It has two main analog inputs for many applications, including differential measurements.

The inputs are configurable from the keyboard and accept standard linear signals (and custom linearized signals), as well as signals from pressure probes, load cells, potentiometers, TC, RTD.

There are two additional analog inputs for linear signals and two digital inputs for functions such as alarm latch reset, peak latch reset, calibration check, hold, alarm setpoint selection.

The outputs (up to 4) are relay or logic, and are configurable.

The instrument manages functions such as storage of maximum peak, minimum peak, peak-peak values.

An optional, optically isolated analog output is available for retransmission of input value or peak values.

4 (10) completely configurable setpoints.
Selectable “failsafe” function.
MD8 expansion to replace outputs 3 and 4, with 8 additional setpoints.

Digital communication 
The instrument offers an optional RS485 2/4 wire / RS232 serial interface with MODBUS RTU protocol for access to instrument parameters, or the option Profibus DP (slave).

The programming procedure is facilitated by the menu structure, with various configuration levels for quick and simple data search.

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