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The ME series of Gefran, are pressure transmitters for using in High temperature environment and specifically designed for melt pressure measurement and available only to be used in large-scale fixed installations or in large-scale stationary industrial tools, typically extruders, or for laboratory B2B equipments for R&D purposes according to the European Directive 2011/65/EU (see informative note RoHS II).

The main characteristic of this series is the capability to read temperature of the media up to 400°C.

The constructive principle is based on the hydraulic trasmission of the pressure.

The fluid-filled system assures the temperature stability.

The phisical measure is transformed in a electrical measure by means the strain-gauge technology.


Pressure ranges from: 0-35 to 0-2000 bar / 0-500 to 0-30000 psi
Strain gage Wheatstone bridge
Accuracy : <±0.25% FS (H); <±0.5% FS (M)
Internally generated 80% calibration signal (R-Cal)
Fluid-filled system for temperature stability
Grade of protection: IP65 (6-pin connector version)
1/2-20 UNF, M18x1.5 standard threads; other types available on request
Standard diaphragm is 15-5 PH stainless steel with GTP+ coating
17-7 PH corrugated diaphragm with GTP+ coating for ranges below 100 bar-1500 psi

Further versions available on request.

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